Monday, April 21, 2008

The Killer Presentation

The best part of the Imagine Cup is having the opportunity to attend the several days of business development workshops. Today Phillip presented on how to make an effective powerpoint presentation. Later, Perry Lowe from Bentley College ran a Mini-MBA workshop that summarized everything you need to know about marketing in an hour.


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So, here is Phillip DesAutels's The Killer Presentation in 100 words:


1. Don't make your audience think

2. Avoid the five sins - Too detailed, too long, no clear point, no clear flow, no audience benefit




3. Avoid MEGO - "my eyes glaze over" - Don't just dump data a slide. Data is for preparation for a presentation.




4. Know your audience (Who, Knowledge Level) and view yourself, company, product, and presentation through the eyes of your audience

5. Serve your audience's interests in your presentation. Present compelling benefits to help your audience realize why they should care.

6. Use the right (artistic) side of your brain to build a framework.

7. Brainstorm (Use a white board or post-it notes)

8. Cluster your key ideas into columns, eliminate stray ideas and focus on your primary topic

9. Don't forget the opening - capture the audience's attention immediately, persuade them to take action, keep their attention for the entire presentation


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