Monday, April 21, 2008

A Busy Day!

Whew! Today is finally starting to wind down - but we're not done yet.


We started this morning with more workshops on business models, understanding customers, and working with investors. At the same time, the SDI teams were doing their final presentations to the judges.


Towards the end of the day is when it got real busy - the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles visited all of the teams. In the back of the theater, the Microsoft Across America Bus was set up, along with two sync vehicles! If you haven't checked out newer Fords yet, it is totally worth it. I wasn't too interested at first, but after playing around with Sync for a while I was totally impressed...


I hooked up my bluetooth Windows Mobile phone and then attached my Zune. When a call came in, Sync paused my Zune and then automatically unpaused it when the call was over...this isn't particularly impressive for most car phone systems, but I am impressed by the fact that it handles interactions with two separate devices so smoothly. It seems like the kids that were visiting from the Boys and Girls Club were impressed too!


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